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The Lindenhurst Park District has a supporting cast of local individuals, organizations, governmental, and business-oriented bodies, which allow our Park District to move forward in a progressive manner and accomplish improvements beneficial to you. Recreational opportunities are continuing to grow with 19 named park sites and 2 beaches (25 parcels of open space total), which offer some of the newest active features around, combined with designated passive/natural areas.

Lindenhurst Park District is continuously in a growth mode in terms of programs, parks, and facilities.  Since 1988 we've been one of the fastest growing park and recreation agencies in Lake County, Illinois. Check us out!  Browse our website, obtain our latest seasonal program guide, check out our Facebook and Instagram, and most importantly...visit.  Enjoy our many parks, participate or observe any of our popular programs or events.  We believe in..."Creating Community...through People, Parks and Programs."

Live Music in the Parks-listed under Programs!