Park Board

Lindenhurst Park District is a five (5) member Board.  The Board members are unpaid, elected six (6) year term positions.  Park Board members must reside within the Park District boundaries.

Primarily the Park Board establishes policies based on sound research and consideration of pros and cons.  Adopt policies that allow the Park District to run efficiently, effectively, legally, and ethically.  Request, receive, evaluate, and make decisions based on effective and wise guidance from the Executive Director.

Lindenhurst Park District encourages public interaction and believes in being actively involved in our Community.  To contact your Board of Park Commisioners, please email them directly at:

Dean Parkman                   Todd Solbrig                        James Stout


 President                          Vice-President                              Treasurer

        1991-Present                        2001-Present                           2001-Present        

                           Lisa Behnke                   Victoria McCabe               


                    Commissioner                         Commissioner              

                               2001-Present                          2015-Present                         

Regular Meetings of the Park Board of Commissioners are held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month, at 6:00PM at the Community Center Board Room.  The public is always invited to attend.  Agendas are avaliable at our front desk 48 hours prior to each meeting.  If you would like to address the board, please contact our Executive Director, Dave Mohr Jr., 847-356-6011 or