Special Recreation (SRSNLC)


Special Recreation Services of Northern Lake County (SRSNLC)

SRSNLC provides recreational programs and services for individuals with special needs for the residents of Lindenhurst, Round Lake Area, Waukegan and Zion Park Districts.  We are committed to meeting your unique, individual leisure needs through special recreation programming and inclusion services.

Mission Statement

It is the mission of SRSNLC to educate our citizens to become responsible, productive, healthy, and contributing members of our society by preparing them through recreation with a dynamic and caring environment, which excites them and invites them to participate.

Inclusion Services

SRSNLC provides inclusion services for individuals who have special needs and would like to enroll in park district programs.  The park district will make reasonable accommodations based on individual needs and requests.  Please check the box on your park district registration form indicating you would like to be contacted regarding special accommodations.

Program Guides

SRSNLC distributes three seasonal program guides: Winter/Spring, Summer, and Fall.  Program guides are available at the Lindenhurst Park District, Lindenhurst Village Hall, and the Lake Villa Library.  Current participants will receive program guides by direct mail.
Click here for a list of SRSNLC programs.

2019 Winter/Spring Brochure

2019 Winter/Spring Annual Information Form

2019 Winter/Spring Registration Form

SRSNLC Registration Forms

To register for SRSNLC programs, the participants and/or the guardian must complete an SRSNLC Registration Form, an Annual Information Form, and a Seizure Questionnaire (if applicable).  Special Olympics and athletic programs require additional paperwork.
Click here for SRSNLC registration paperwork.  Online registration is avaiblable for current participants; however, an Annual Information Form will need to be submitted seperately.

Employment Opportunities

SRSNLC programs rely on dedicated part-time program leaders and inclusion aides.
Click here for a list of special recreation employment opportunities.

Contact Information

If you have suggestions for programs, would like more information about SRSNLC, want to volunteer at programs and events, or would like to be added to our mailing list, please call Katie Kozuch at 847.356.6011 ext. 108.

Capital Improvements

The Lindenhurst Park District continues to do capital improvements and provide equipment related to the Americans with Disabilities Act.  In the past few years, several of our parks have undergone transformations to help make them accessible to all.  These improvements could not have transpired without special recreation funding.  New programs, facilities and park improvements - thanks to you and special recreation funding!