What's Cooking at the Mansion?

We are teaming up with Bauer's Catering to offer "hands-on" cooking classes at the Lehnmann Mansion in Lake Villa.  All ingredients and materials are provided.

Registration deadline is the Friday before the class.


Cooking Classes at the Mansion


Cooking with Bauer's Catering!


Grilling, Smoking & Tailgating


We’re firing up the grill – for more or our grilling favorites (marinated baby pork tenderloin) PLUS we’re going to include some tailgating ideas. Always a fun time when we’re outside by the fire – with a specialty drink!

Age 21+
Location Lehmann Mansion
Day Wed, June 13
Time 6:30pm-9:00pm
Instructor Bauer's Catering
Fee $60-per class
Min/Max 10/20
Code 231504 C