Outdoor Ice Skating

Outdoor Ice Skating

Weather permitting; hours are sunrise to sunset. 
The ice must be at a specified thickness throughout the skating area to be safe.  This applies especially to John Janega Memorial Park, as the skating area
is on a pond. 

Park District staff will check skating areas on a daily basis to ensure safety.  Call 847.356.6011 to check the status before packing up your skates to make sure the rink is open and there is no disappointment. 


John Janega Memorial Park-205 Hickory Drive (designated pond area)
Millennium Park-201 Country Place Lane (sand volleyball court area)


A flag will be flown at each Park to show skating conditions
Red Flag-Unsafe Conditions
Green Flag-Safe Conditions

Due to circumstances outside of our control we will not have ice skating at Oak Ridge Park. 
Thank you for your understanding.