Capital Park District Improvements in the Near Future


Proposed Oak Ridge Park and Wetzel Fields (600 Independence Blvd)

icon Latest Conceptual Plan for Oak Ridge Park

The purchase of this property was completed at the end of March, 2007.  The next successful step, was to secure matching funds for park development.

This tract of land is Lindenhurst Park District's second largest, and is needed to develop soccer fields, off street parking, and a bike/pedestrian pathway system that would "line-up" perfectly between our neighborhood park and school (Heritage Trails Park/Millburn Middle School) to the immediate north and to Lake County Forest Preserve's McDonald Woods and adjacent Forest View Park directly across Grass Lake Road to the south.  (This is also part of the Lindenhurst Community Pedestrian and Bicycle Comprehensive Plan approved in August, 2008).

Also of interest to this future park are the beautiful, mature oak trees, native woodland habitat, and existing wetland area; therefore receiving the proposed park namesake- Oak Ridge Park.  The soccer fields namesake is in recognition and appreciation of decades of hardwork, volunteering, in leading Lindenhurst's youth soccer league... are cofounders Roland (Ron) and Wilma Wetzel- Wetzel Fields.  We believe this future park site, which will be developed in 2015, will have a lot to offer to area residents in terms of outdoor passive and active recreation.

"Let's Connect!" 

Approved Lindenhurst Communitywide Pedestrian and Bike Trail Comprehensive Master Plan

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Here it is!  The approved Lindenhurst Park District and Village of Lindenhurst Comprehensive Plan for Communitywide Pedestrian and Bicycle Trails.

During late 2007 to mid-June, 2008, we were seeking input and received it.  It's all included, and thank you for those who participated in the development process.

It should be mentioned that governmental agencies such as Lake County Forest Preserve, Lake County Division of Transportation, schools, etc., have been involved in the process.

Our most frequently asked questions are:  How is this being funded and when will it be completed?

Funding- A variety of ways; grants, developers (both residential and commercial) affiliated with new growth, park and road renovations, etc.

Timeframe- As circumstances and funding permits; it will take time.  It will take years.  However, as you review the plan, you can see that we priortized trails that will be most beneficial to all.  Therefore, some trail connects could be sooner than you think!

icon Existing Trails

icon Proposed Trails

Enjoy reviewing our Lindenhurst Communitywide Pedestrian and Bicyclce Comprehensive Plan! 

(It's also available for review at Lake Villa District Library on CDROM).

We know this Plan* was one of the top priorites of Lindenhurst residents. We will continue to do all we can to keep you abreast as we develop our community plan. 

*Lindenhurst Pak District 2004, Community Attitude and Interest Citizen Survey Results


We will make every effort to keep you abreast on any significant steps forward relative to the aforementioned associated projects.

Any questions/clarification, please contact the Executive Director at 847-356-6011.

Our THANKS to everyone who supported these successfull grant applications and projects.