SRSNLC Programs


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From Special Olympics to recreational athletic and fitness programs, SRSNLC offers several programs designed to increase your physical activity.

Special Events

Special Events are offered in collaboration with SRSNLC Round Lake Area, Waukegan, and Zion Park Districts.  SRSNLC Special Events are an excellent opportunity to meet with friends from other member districts and area special recreation associations.  Participants register at their local park district.

Good Eats

SRSNLC-Lindenhurst will venture out to local restaurants to spend quality time with friends from other local park districts to try different types of food.  Some of these food outings will be held at local park district building.

Regular Favorites

Some programs are just too good to try only once.  SRSNLC Lindenhurst offers a variety of programs that meet on a regular basis.

Seasonal Programs

Winter/Spring, Summer, Fall... Whether it is warm or cool, there is something unique to do with your friends from SRSNLC.  Check out the complete list of seasonal programs to find something new.

Youth/Teen Programs

These programs are developped specificaly for youth and teens.