Findings Report: Community Needs Assessment

Posted: 9/20/2010

Results are in!  Our thanks and appreciation to all of you that provided input in our survey and participated in our periodic informal gatherings this past year

The recently completed 2010 Community Needs Assessment Survey process and input is essential for the future programming and development of Lindenhurst Park District.

The findings in this report, and as a reflection to our community, will be included in all of our future planning, including our proposed Five (5) Year Master Plan (2011-2015).  As a matter of fact, staff is currently working on various new programs that shows a need, or need of improvement.  This also includes addressing facilities; i.e. new expansion, etc.

The attachment, which is the complete findings report, is here (click above) for your review in it's entirety.  It's a lot of information!

In summary, we would suggest in your review to concentrate on the Management Letter and Executive Summary.  Certain question results, under Survey Results, is also very interesting.

As stated previously, the findings/results of this Community Needs Assessment Survey are very important to us and will be used in the Park District's future decision making process.

As always, we'll do our best to keep you informed.

Again...thank you!